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Winter: An Ecological Handbook

"A nourishing book for anyone who looks at winter with an inquisitive mind" - Spokane Chronicle
"One excellent source for understanding how animals (including man) survive frigid conditions ..." - Gary Gerhardt, Rocky Mountain News
"The book is full of useful information about the physical phenomena of winter, the adaptations of organisms to winter, how to deal with winter's dangers as well as joys."  - Arctic And Alpine Research
"Their book highly recommended for every library (even those in southern climates), is a splendid informative look at life and living in environments where winter means cold, often forbidding weather." - Academic Library Book Review

A Field Guide to Mammal Tracking in North America

"...the man who can track a ghost over bare rock." - Field and Stream
"... consider(ed) the best text of its kind ever published" - New York Times
"... quite simply the best book ever written on the subject." - Mother Earth News
"... the best tracking guide I have ever seen." - Wyoming Wildlife
"... may be the most useful new work on the subject in 30 years." - Outside

Yellowstone Wolves in the Wild

"Photographically rich." - Washington Post
"Pretty outstanding and very accurate.  (Halfpenny) puts all the scientific research into common language.  He filled it with personal observations.  The Stories really personalize what happened." - Ed Bangs, Wolf Recovery Coordinator, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
"This is the first book on what wolves have accomplished how wolves interact with other species." - Bob Crabtree, Chief Scientist, Yellowstone Ecological Research Center
"Jim tells the true tales." - Dr. Doug Smith, Wolf Project Leader, Yellowstone National Park
"The book is breathtaking! For anyone who has traveled to Yellowstone in recent years and seen the wolves, this book is must reading." - National Wildlife Federation
"It's fabulous." - Defenders of Wildlife
"Captivating and thoroughly fascinating." - Big Sky Journal
"Extraordinarily compelling." - Bozeman Daily Chronicle
"A great collection of photographs and a compelling story." - Jackson Hole News
"Absolutely beautiful."  - Wolf Magazin, Germany

Yellowstone Bears in the Wild

" entertaining as it is informative--and a very strongly recommended addition to school and community library ..." - Willis Buhle, Reviewer's Bookwatch

Scat and Tracks of the Rocky Mountains

Winner of the 1999 National Outdoor Books award!

Scat and Tracks of the Rocky Mountains

"...invaluable for tracking many wildlife species." - Sharon Wootoon, Outdoor Books
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Articles about China

Summit CU Boulder.  Pauline Coker.  1987.  China Trekking.  Summit CU Boulder Fall: 4-5.

Daily Camera Extra.  Harold Stromme.  1986.  CU biologist aiding China to prevent loss of willdlife.  Daily Camera Extra (Boulder) Nov. 19:3.

Rocky Mountain News.  Donald Myers.  1986,  A wild time in China.  Rocky Mountain News Oct. 31, 1986:90-91.


Articles about Cougars

The Beast in the Garden.  By David Baron.  2004.  Check out David's web site by clicking here

Book of the Month. Stalked! Amazing Animal Attacks. Based on David Baron's The Beast in the Garden. Nov. 2003.


Articles about Polar Regions


Bozeman Chronicle.  1994.  Polar Passion. 

Outdoor Photographer.  Galen Rowell.  1995.  Polar to the People.  Outdoor Photographer 11(6):34-36,105-106. 


Articles about Tracking

Open Space.  2009.  Samuel Baldwin,  Tracks and Scat.  Casper Star Tribune Oct. 29, 2009:C1-C3.
Bushcraft and Survival Skills Magazine. 2009. Rawdon O'Connor.  Tracking in bear country.  Bushcraft and Survival Skills Magazine Fall:32-34.

Distinctly Montana.  2006-07.  Winter Wildlife Tracking with James Halfpenny, Ph.D.  Winter 2006-07:214.

Lindenstein, J.  2006.  Wily Wildlife.  Boulder DailyCamera.
Wild Things: The Nature Of It All.  Todd Wilkinson.  2000.  Signs of the Times.  Backpacker Magazine Dec.: 33-35
Daily Camera. Joshua Lindenstein.  2006.  Willy Wildlife.  Daily Camera (Boulder) Apr. 14, 2006:8-9B.
Antigravity.  Steve Mirsky.  2003.  Dropping By.  Scientific America June 2003:90.

Billings Gazette.  Brett French.  2001.  Tacking Savvy.  Billings Gazette Oct. 18, 2001:1C-2C

Field and Stream - Curtis, S.  1997.  Jim Halfpenny: Master Tracker.  Field and Stream July: 58-61.

Frontier Flight - Slavik, L.  1999. Getting on track. Frontier Jan/Feb: 44-45.

Teton Style.  Angus Thuermer.  1993.  Master Tracker.  Jackson Hole News June 9, 1993:8B. Rocky Mountain News.  Gary Gerhardt.  1990.  Tracker at home in animal kingdom.  Rocky Mountain News Feb. 18, 1990:S5 - S7.
New York Times - Richard Selzer. 1988.  A Mother's Fury.  Oct. 23. Sports Afield - Ted Kerosote.  1992.  The Formula for Modern Tracking.  Nov: 23
Outside: Natural Acts - David Quammen.  1986.  Tracking the Wily Gestalt: A wide-eyed approach to reading animal signs. Dec: 23-26. 

Martin Lockley.  1991.  Tracking Dinosauars: A new look at an acient world. Cambridge University Press, N.Y. 238 pp.   


Articles about Winter



Sierra -Frank Lowenstein. 1988.  Mastering Winter.  Jan/Feb: 124-128.


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Tracking Class (by Leslie) (check out classes)  (check out history) (check out wilderness skills) (venture through Jim's site) (search for Jim) (cougar/human interactions) (check out guides)
Univ. of Wisconsin, Whitewater (Cougar Ecology Digital - pdf) (adult tracking intensive) (Five Great Things To Do In Winter) (ReadingRoom - bears) (wolf reading list)
Tracking Clubs -
Bear Creek Council (climate change)
Money from Wolf Restoration - ( (wolf watching)
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