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Books by Jim

Jim has written and contributed to an extensive literature of books, journal and magazine articles, videos, and computer programs.
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These books cover various aspects of tracking

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A Field Guide to Mammal Tracking in North America.  1986. 

Currently out of print and a collector's item.

Track Plates for Mammals.  2009.

Designing and using track plates to obtain footprints.

Tracker's Notebook. 1994.

A preformatted field book for taking notes on plasticized paper.

Tracking Canids. 1998.

Database of footprints from red foxes, coyotes, wolves and many dog breeds.

Tracking Cougars. 1997 and 20007.

Jim's slide show made into a book.

Tracking Wolves The Basics. 2010.

The essential guide to understanding wolf footprints, trails and other signs in North America.

Scats and Tracks series

Scats and Tracks is a regional field guide series for most of North America.
Each book is designed to be small enough to carry in the field. 
There are 70 species of amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals in each edition.

The North America edition summarizes information from all the regional editions.
Alaska Great Lakes Great Plains
Mid-Atlantic Midwest Northeast
Southeast Desert Southwest Pacific Coast

Rocky Mountains

Winner of the 1999 National Outdoor Books Award


Bears and Wolves of Yellowstone

The Biology and Ecology of Bears and Wolves including Wolf Restoration

Yellowstone Bears in the Wild.  2007. 

The special limited, numbered edition is shown on the right.

Yellowstone Wolves in the Wild.  2003.

The special limited, numbered edition is shown on the right.

Discovering Yellowstone Wolves: Watcher's Guide.  1996, 2009.

The first book written on wolf restoration includes information about wolves and wolf pack origins in Canada and their first year and a half in Yellowstone.


Winter and Lion Books

Special Books: Winter Ecology and Mountain Lion / Human Encounters
Winter: An Ecological Handbook.  1989.

The Beast in the Garden.  By David Baron.  2004. 

David details the increasing population of mountain lion around Boulder, Colorado and the encounters with people resulting eventually in the death of a jogger.  Details Jim's involvement in the whole process.

Bare Feet, Wet Socks: writing about winter. 2003. Zwinger, A. and J. Halfpenny (eds.). Caldera Publishing, Pocatello, ID.    


Interactive CDs about Tracking
Tracking and Tracking: A "How to" Guide.  1997. Tracking Wolves: The Basics.  1997.
Tracking Cougars: The Basics.  1997. Tracking Lynx, Wolverine, Fisher, and Marten: The Basics.  1997.
A few of the interactive CDs are still available as 35 mm slides.


Videos about Tracking and Bears (also available on DVD)
Tracking: Mastering the Basics.  1996. Tracking Elk for Hunters.
Living Among Ice Bears.  1992. A Celebration of Bears.

PDF Downloads of Articles

Articles written by Jim since 1970 are arranged by topic.
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BEARS Magazine

Jim wrote a regular column called Tracking the Great Bear, for BEARS Magazine later known as BEARS And Other Top Predators. BEARS Magazine is no longer published.

Bear science has advanced since some of these articles were written and some things have changed as we learned more.   Articles are presented here for information and historical perspective.
1995.  Premiere Issue.  Jim did not have an article in this issue.  Spring. 1995.  Yellowstone's Top Predator: Bears Or Wolves.  Summer: 21, 30-32, 38. 1995.  Drew Ross, editor, welcomes Jim to BEARS Magazine.  Fall: 3.
1995. Tracking the Great Bears.  Fall: 42-43. 1996.  Mystery Bears.  Spring: 39, 44. 1996.  The Biggest Bear.  Summer: 10.
1996.  Delisting the Grizzly: Mortalities Exceed Limits.  Winter: 8-9. 1996.  Bear Mothers.  Winter: 37-38. 1997.  Red, White, Blue Black Bears. 2(3):11-12.
2000.  Bear Art.  1(1):11-13. 2000.  The Grizzly Differences.  1(2):11-13. 2000.  My Tracks Bigger Than Yours. 1(3):11-13.
2001. Breaking The Rules. 2(1):11-13. 2001.  The Cat You Never See. 2(2)12-13. 1995. Written by colleague Judy Norris.  Zero to 35: How fast do Bears Walk?  Fall:30-32, 44.

My special thanks to Brad Garfield, Drew Ross, and Carter Mackley for all they did to present BEARS and BEARS and other Top Predatores Magazines to the world thus sharing our love of bears!!

Climate Articles

Articles about Climate and Climate Change
  1988.  Halfpenny, J. and J. Clark.  Climate Calendar. BioScience. 38(6): 399-405    

Ecology Articles

Articles about various aspects of ecology
Halfpenny, J. and M. Heffernana. 1992. Nutrient input to an alpine tundra: an aeolian insect component. Southwesten Naturalist 33(3):247-251 Elias, S.A. and J.C. Halfpenny.  1991.  Fox scat evidence of heavy predation on beetles on the Alpine tundra, Front Range, Colorado.  The Coleopterists Bulletin 45(2):189-190.
Litaor, M.I., R. Mancinelli, and J.C. Halfpenny.  1996.  The influence of pocket gophers on nutrients in alpine soils. Geoderma 70:37-48.  Walker, D.A., J.C. Halfpenny, M.D. Walker, C.A. Wessman.  1993.  Long-term studies of snow-vegetation interactions. Bioscience 43(5):287-301.
Halfpenny, J.C.  Animals of the Mountains. Pp. 81-94 in Ives, J. D. (ed).  Mountains: The Illustrated Library of the Earth.  Rodale Press, Emmaus, PN. Carbaugh, B.T. and J.C. Halfpenny.  1988.  A vole population eruption and its effect on an Alpine landscape.

Lynx Articles

Articles about Canada lynx
Halfpenny, J., Murphy, K., and D. Reinhart.  1999.  Lynx: their ecology and biology and how winter recreation effects them. Pp. 49-64 in Olliff, T., Legg, K., and B. Kaeding, editors. . Effects of winter recreation on wildlife of the Greater Yellowstone Area: a literature review and assessment. Rpt Greater Yellowstone Coordinating Committee. YNP, WY. Murphy, K.M., Potter, T.M., Halfpenny, J.C. Gunther, K.A. Jones, M.T., A. Lundberg, P.A., and N.D. Berg. 2006. Distribution of Canada Lynx in Yellowstone National Park. Northwest Science 80(3):199-206.

Yes, folks this is really a lynx article not bears.

Halfpenny, J.  2001.  The Cat You Never See.  BEARS and Other Top Predators: 2(2)12-13.

Halfpenny, J.C., Bissell, S.J. and D.M. Nead. 1979.  Status of the Lynx (Felis lynx, Felidae) in Colorado with comments on its distribution in western United States.  Unpublished Manuscript.


Articles about various aspects of Mammalogy
2009. Gunther K., Renkin, R., Halfpenny, J., Gunther, S., Davis, T., Schullery, P., and L. Whittlesey.  White-tailed Jackrabbits in Yellowstone.  Yellowstone Science 17(1):24. Elias, S.A. and J.C. Halfpenny.  1991.  Fox scat evidence of heavy predation on beetles on the Alpine tundra, Front Range, Colorado.  The Coleopterists Bulletin 45(2):189-190.


Articles about Mountaineering
  Halfpenny, J. and J. Mathiesen.  1970.  A Climbers Guide to Vedauwoo, Wyoming.    

Tracking Articles

Articles about tracking published in popular and scientific literature.
Trap, J. and J.C. Halfpenny.  2007.  A quick field guide for tracking wolves.  Montana Fish, Wildife, and Parks.  Missoula, MT. Halfpenny, J. 1992. Environmental impacts of powdertracking using fluorescent pigments. J. Mamm. 73(3):680-682.
Cohen, A., Halfpenny, J., Lockley, M., & A.E. Michel. 1993. Modern vertebrate tracks from Lake Manyara, Tanzania and their paleobiological implications. Paleobiology 19(4):433-458. Halfpenny, J.  2004.  Careers: Animal Tracking and Animal Behavior. Pp 132-135 in Bekoff, M. (ed) Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior.  Greenwood Press, Westport, CT.
Cohen, A., Lockley, M., Halfpenny, J., & A.E. Michel. 1991. Modern vertebrate track taphonomy at Lake Manyara, Tanzania. Palaios 6:371-389. Halfpenny, J.  1988.  Wildlife Impressions.  Colorado Journal 1(1):44-47, 58.
    Halfpenny, J.  1988. Start a family tracking album.  Colorado Journal 1(1):44-47.

Winter Articles

Articles about Winter
Halfpenny, J.C.  1992.  The Cold Facts of Winter.  Science World 49(7):9-14,18.

Halfpenny, J.C.  1993.  Only the tough survive.  Ranger Rick 27(12):24-31.

Halfpenny, J.C.  1991.  The Cold Facts of Winter. Natural History Dec:50-61.  Birkeland, K.W. and J.C. Halfpenny.  1987.  Winter Ecology.  54:42-46.
Auerbach, N.A. and J.C. Halfpenny.  1991.  Snowpack and the subnivean environment for different aspect of an open meadow in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, U.S.A. Arctic and Alpine Research 23(1):41-44. Halfpenny, J.C.  The Sound of Snowflakes.  Pp. 5-11 in Bare Feet, Wet Socks: writing about winter. 2003. Zwinger, A. and J. Halfpenny (eds.). Caldera Publishing, Pocatello, ID.

Wolf Articles

Articles about wolves
Halfpenny, J. 2005. Local economic inputs from wolf restoration.  Letter to Governor Brian Schweitzer, Senator Max Baucus, Senator Conrad Burns, and Representative Denny Rehberg. Halfpenny, J.  Wolves in Yellowstone: Records since 1967.  Pp 111-118 in Greater Yellowstone Predators: Ecology and Conservation in a Changing Landscape. Proceedings of the Third Biennial Conference ofn the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, Yellowstone National Park, Sep. 24-27, 1995.  Northern Rockies Conservation CooperativeJackson, WY.

Wolverine Articles

Articles about wolverine
Nead, D.M. and J.C. Halfpenny.  1985.  The status of wolverine in Colorado.  Northwest Science 8(4):286-289.    

Yellowstone Articles

Articles about Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
Halfpenny, J.  1972. Touring Yellowstone on skis.  Summit. Oct. 16-19.    


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